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A blog is a weblog which has a descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Our blogs have been created with an intention to communicate and reflect on technology happenings with an aim of Increasing Technology expectations.

We would love to have your opinions. We hope to make it interactive by providing your views, comments to make it interesting.


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iPOTT News

Latest happening in the iPOTT is what we will be publishing on our news blog

iPOTT Synonym of Software

We are talking NOW! Our Vision, Our Dreams, Our Objectives and Our Goal. And none of this will make sense if you (we really mean each one of you) are not with us. Every company or individual who wants to buy or sell software should explore this blog.

Go Goal

Ours is a simple goal. As simple as trying to get all the scattered software information together. We just wanted to get all off line software information online.


The Mascot of iPOTT. Don't go by names, he is not what he sounds. He is an INDIVIDUAL with a lot of INTEGRITY. His INTELLIGENCE is a envy to a lot of us.


The other mascot of iPOTT. He assists Mr iMamoo. This blog is all that Pottson knows and shares. Pottson is cool guy, with cool looks and cool style.


Want to stress out! Funstuff has some funny characters (images)talking to each other to provoke laughter and provide amusement


In iPOTTisans, we talk about every person who is with iPOTT. Their ideas, behavior, dream, act, nick name, friends, feelings, future, favorites, role play, etc.




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CEO Speak

CEO SPEAK will be a platform for the CEOs to voice their thoughts and opinions. CEO Speak is all about you, your software and the software market.

IP Sale

Intellectual Properties protected through law, like any other form of property can be a matter of trade, that is, it can be owned, bequeathed, sold or bought

Software Market Trend

Wouldn't it be nice knowing the Information Technology market ! Indian IT market is one of the happenings of today, gives information on IT and ITES really worth going through.

IT clarity

IT Clarity takes you to the world of Information Technology, very enlightening about all aspects like Software procurement, Application, Tool, Hardware, Websites, IT revenue, SMB's, Green computing etc.