iPOTT withdrew from TATA NEN Hottest Startups


The enthu with which we started did not last long. The competition was not ‘fair’ enough for us to stay. We were at the 60th place and were sure will move up but reverse happened. It was more luck than professionally conducted.

  1. The site was not ready for the traffic and was down greater part of the time and this reduced the voting opportunity.
  2. <>No equal opportunity was available for the competing companies. The SMS system clogged and ‘sent sad replies’ like ‘server busy’, ‘can’t recognize your format’ etc. Again votes are lost.
  3. The experts were not available to comment till few days back and when they commented…
  4. The newly introduced mail validation system works, not works and then not works…

When we raised our concern we got very good response and we were told that all the problems will surely be addressed by the 2009 Hottest Startup. We knew we were in the wrong place. We withdrew. We were at 115.

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