Google sitemap.xml step 3

Again back with Some more steps check it out below..

[u]Step 3: Meta tags[/u]
Meta tags are big, important and there are books of 100 pages about them… If you really want to learn much for it i suggest you use google and search for meta tags and read much! I’m going to cover over the basics and most important once (don’t shoot me for not including all of them!)

So you got your html page, for example index.htmlitled Document

Hello everyone

Good now between the tags where going to add or tags. Like i said there are many meta tags but i am going over the basic

This is for giving a description about your site.

Here i give keyword, keywords are the words related for your site. If i make a site about cookies i might add following keywords: Cookie, good cookies, chocolate cookies. You separated them whit a ,

This tells the robot that they have to follow any link they will find. So a robot comes on your page then it will follow any link on that page. You can also use this to block a page so robots wont visit it.

Here we automatically refresh the page after 60 seconds.
Your copyright comes here :)
who made the page
the language (also important for google)
This say when a robot has to revist the page every 30 days. (Remember our sitemap? you also can do it whit meta tags ) But because people spammed this most robots ignore it. But it does not hurt to include it :)

Oke now here is my index.html page of my cookie site.titled Document
Hello everyone

Do this for every page you got, but remember to add good keywords and description. There are also some online tools that prove to be the best meta generator, you can use them but a machine never can beat a human :)

If your ready go to the next step, you should have by now, a sitemap.xml, robots.txt and your site.

Checkout Step 2

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